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OUR Practice

ChiroSport in Clear Lake was founded in 2017 by Dr. Earl Hendrikz. After many years practicing as a Board-Certified Chiropractor, Dr, Hendrikz began serving the greater Houston and Clear Lake area at his own practice.

ChiroSport is a warm and welcoming sports medicine, and physical rehab facility that emphasizes whole-person healing. Whether you’re a professional athlete, school athlete, weekend warrior, or non-athlete, our caring staff take time to learn about your pain and offer you the best in conventional and alternative specialties so you can achieve your maximum physical potential.

Some of the state-of-the-art therapies you can find at our facilities include ShockWave Therapy for pain relief and optimal testing to identify and resolve functional movement problems that cause pain or interfere with your athletic performance.

ChiroSport’s doctors take time to learn about your pain and mobility limitations so they can devise a tailor-made treatment plan. They aim to identify the “why” behind your issue so they can solve it and coach you to better health.

To restore mobility and function, alleviate pain, and achieve maximum wellness, contact the professionals at ChiroSport by phone or online booking form. Your initial consultation is free!

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