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What Dr. Hendrikz's patients have to say...


Dr Hendrikz is one of the friendliest doctors I've been to-- he's knowledgeable, patient, and all around knows what he's doing. I definitely recommend him to anyone needing a quick fix or long term treatment!

Thank u for working on my wrist. I went in Tuesday---I could barely bend it without extreme discomfort. After your awesome work, I was able to bend it without discomfort. Today I am great, I even did 65 lb snatches and over head squats... No pain. Thank you!!!!



Dr. Hendrikz is the best chiropractor I've ever been treated by. He genuinely cares about the well being of his patients. He goes above and beyond to make sure he tailors a treatment plan that will have the greatest impact on his patient. I've suffered from chronic upper back pain, migraines, and TMJ. Since I've been under his care, I have very few TMJ flare ups or migraines. My back pain has been practically eliminated. The best part is that he isn't just limited to the spine....he's helped me tremendously with my shin pain and knee pain from my workouts. I highly recommend him to anyone I meet who has any kind of pain or limited range of motion.

I have been seeing Dr. Hendrikz for 3 years and have brought my entire family as well. Doc treated me after my pregnancy and continued to treat me for my chronic migraines as well. Since becoming his patient, he has treated my newborn, husband, parents, and couple of my siblings and friends. His treatment techniques have not bandaged my pain, but has started to heal it. My chronic migraines went from several a week to a couple a month. When I decided to expand my family hestarted helping me with my pelvis to assist with conception, since I have fertility issues. He took care of me during my pregnancy and is still continuing my care post pregnancy. I am a patient for life. I may have been the in a hurry and give me a medicinal solution type of patient, but after seeing Dr. H, I now call him for all my ailments as he knows how to get my body to help itself heal naturally with the help of chiropractic care.



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